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Quick Kitchen Renovation Tips

There are many advantages to having your kitchen renovated, from making your kitchen space more efficient to increasing the resale value of your entire home. Of course, the renovation project must be done correctly to be able enjoy the advantages. After all, kitchen renovations are no walk in the park and many things could go wrong, nullifying any benefits the remodel would’ve provided.

If you want your kitchen renovation project to go without a hitch, the first step you should take is to hire a professional renovation company like Wieman Homes. The experience, capabilities and resources of a professional renovation firm guarantee an excellent outcome. Once you’ve found a renovation service you’re comfortable with, be sure to keep the following renovation tips in mind:

Consider Architecture

Each home is built with a certain architectural style, meaning certain changes will make a room—in this case, the kitchen—stick out like a sore thumb. In some cases, the room may stand out so much that it looks as if it belongs to a completely different home. Consult your contractor to find out if the design you’re envisioning works with the structural design of your home.

Plumbing Should Stay Put

One of the quickest ways to overspend during a kitchen renovation is drastically altering the floor plan and relocating plumbing fixtures. Although the idea may be convenient for the design you have in mind, removing and reinstalling plumbing are expensive work. As much as possible, keep plumbing fixtures located in the same place.

Stock Up on Storage Space

Needless to say, ample storage space is vital in a kitchen. Invest in beautiful cabinets, preferably ones that have built in shelves so you can maximize the space. You should also consider adding segmented drawers to house ingredients like spices. Remember: even if the amount of storage space you have seems like too much, you’ll eventually find ways to fill them all up.

Plan for the Future

Focusing your entire renovation based on the present is a common mistake homeowners make. Planning your renovation for the future is a great way to save on costs in the long run. If you have young children, for example, what works now may not work in five years’ time when you will need additional space or a larger island.



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